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We've got the answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions.


Can you give me directions to the nearest cargo facility?

Yes. Please visit Facility Information to find the American Airlines Cargo facility closest to you.

What are the procedures for shipping animals?

Our goal is to ensure the animals shipped on American Airlines Cargo enjoy a safe and comfortable trip, and we have designed our animal shipping policies to reflect this. Please visit Shipping Animals for more details and instructions.

Is my shipment insured? If so, how much insurance is included?

Our limits of liability may vary based on the type of service you are using. Please review Liability, Claims and Insurance for details.

Do you provide packing supplies at the airport?

We do with Priority Parcel Service (PPS), which offers a PPS box or PPS bag and PPS tape that can be used for smaller articles. Please review Facility Information for more details.

Can I drop off my Priority Parcel Service (PPS) shipment at the American Airlines Cargo terminal?

Yes, in most instances you can. Please check Facility Information for details about your origin city.

Can AAdvantage members earn miles for PPS and/or Freight Shipments?

We do not offer AAdvantage miles for PPS or Cargo shipments. However, companies may receive travel benefits through our Business Extra program. View Business Extra for complete details.

I am not a known shipper. Can I ship with American Airlines Cargo?

Yes. In some instances, we may allow certain items from unknown shippers. Please contact us for assistance or more information.

Do your cargo locations provide refrigeration for perishable products?

Most of our larger American Airlines Cargo facilities have refrigeration. It is important to note that refrigeration is on a first come, first serve basis and is not guaranteed. Read more information on packaging perishables.

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